Welsh Pawn Shop 1913
Original storefront
Locally owned and operated since 1913, Welsh Pawn Shop and the Richman family have consistently served the greater Savannah area with hometown pride. From its humble single store beginnings to the multi-store corporation today, Welsh is the premier pawnshop of Southeast Georgia.

Welsh Pawn Shop prides itself on being a full service pawn operation with special emphasis on jewelry and gold. Our award-winning staff has the knowledge and expertise to fulfill your needs conveniently, efficiently, and confidentially.

Cash loans from $50 to $5000 on jewelry or most any item of value is our specialty. If you are looking for great deals on new and pre-owned merchandise, why go anywhere else? Trades, special orders, and jewelry repairs; we do it all. And after nearly a century, we are the experts!

Welsh Pawn Shop 1913 sign
Original store sign from 1913


As mankind's oldest financial institution, Pawn Shops can be traced back 3,000 years. Pawn shops were present in the early Chinese, Greek and Roman Civilizations. However, the business model of pawn shops rose to prominence during the Middle Ages under the House of Lombard in Europe. The House of Lombard symbolized their trade on their crest using three gold balls, a symbol that continues to be associated with pawn shops today.

During the early Middle Ages usury laws imposed by the church prohibited charging interest on loans and severely limited pawn shop clientele. During an economic downturn in the late middle ages, pawn shops made resurgence and the House of Lombard began operating pawn shops throughout Europe. Some legends contend that royalty such as King Edward III of England were clients of the House of Lombard.

With the rise of consumer credit, saving and loans institutions - the pawn shops were less relied on for providing consumer credit. Pawn shops still offer loans to consumers. Pawn Shop loans are often for shorter periods of time and for smaller monetary increments than traditional banks would allow. Thus, pawn shops are ideal for people in need of money during dire circumstances or for people in need of money for a business venture.

A People's Bank

The rich traditional history behind pawn shops provides the basis for how we serve our clients. Pawn shops do not discriminate based on social class and have, historically, provided services for paupers and for royalty. King Edward III frequented pawn shops during the 14th Century and Queen Isabella pawned her crown jewels to finance Christopher Columbus' discovery of America.

Most notably the Bishop of Myra, also known as St Nicholas, is considered the patron saint of pawn brokers for his charitable actions. The Bishop of Myra funded the dowries for three daughters of a poor man. It was a very charitable act because without these dowries, the daughters would be sold into a life of slavery or prostitution. At the stroke of midnight, the Bishop of Myra would place three bags of gold on the doorstep until each of the daughters were married; thus, began the story of St. Nick!

Pawn Shops - We have great deals!

Save money and get the most value for your dollar by visiting a pawn shop. Previously owned items are carefully selected by pawn brokers who provide loans to people with the knowledge that these items may someday be on the shelves of his store.

Pawn shop owners are very cognizant of their reputations. They are not flea markets, garage sales or roadside markets. They are permanent established institutions regulated and licensed by State and Local laws.

You will be amazed at the vast amount of merchandise you will find. Visit Welsh Pawn Shop today!
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